Environmental Asia


Monday, 20 November

11.30-13.15     Arrival, lunch, registration

13.15-13.45     Welcome
Åse Gornitzka, Vice-Rector of the University of Oslo
Geir Helgesen, Director of NIAS
Mette Halskov Hansen, organising committee                                                                                                   

13.45-15.00     Keynote lecture
Georgina Drew, The University of Adelaide
When the Water Snake Eats its Tail: Cyclical Structural Violence from the Himalayan Headwaters to the Urban Plains
Chair: Mette Halskov Hansen                            

15.00-15.30     Coffee break

15.30-17.00     Parallel sessions I

1.  The Politics of Environmental Knowledge (I): Frames, Narratives, and Information
      Chairs: Kenneth Bo Nielsen and Siddharth Sareen

 -    Caixia Dong, FEM
      Clear waters and green hills are gold and silver mines”: Strategic Framing in China's Strive for Green              Transformation
-     Hans Henrik Moe, University of Oslo
      Breathing in the Anthropocene: Air pollution narratives from Beijing
-     Stig Toft Madsen, NIAS
      Do Hobbies Converge? Birding Work across Eurasia

 2.  Food, Agriculture and Sustainability in Asia (I)
Chairs: Arve Hansen and Jostein Jakobsen

-    Sunayana Ganguly, Azim Premji University
     Making sustainability palatable? Changing practices of middle class food consumption in Bangalore
-    Arve Hansen, University of Oslo
     Drivers of increasing meat consumption in Vietnam
-    Camellia Biswas, Ambedkar University Delhi
     The Past, Present and Future of Edible Insects: A Case Study of Nyshi and Apatani Tribes of Arunachal           Pradesh, India

3.  Environmental History and Traditions in Asia
Chair: Rune Svarverud

-    Susanne Stein, University of Tübingen
     Between scarcity and abundance: The emergence of China’s northwest during the Republican era,                 1920s-1940s
-    Désirée Kumpf, University of Leipzig
     How Can We Make Tea Without Tea Leaves?” Seeking Agricultural Knowledge in Colonial India
-    Rune Svarverud, University of Oslo
     Fresh air, sunshine, and hygiene for a strong Chinese nation 1849-1949

18.30    Dinner


Tuesday, 21 November

9.45-11.00        Keynote lecture
Susan Darlington, Hampshire College
Grounded Practices, Buddhist Dreams: Buddhism, Environment, and the World In-between
          Chair: Aike Rots

11.00-11.30     Coffee break

11.30-13.00     Parallel sessions II

 1.  The Politics of Environmental Knowledge (II): Communities and the environment
Chairs: Kenneth Bo Nielsen and Siddharth Sareen

-     Kavita Navlani Soreide, CMI
      Gendered Impact of Community Land Management in Meghalaya, India
-     Benedetta Mantoan, Leiden University
      Efficacy of Community-based Management System to Preserve the Access of Small-Scale Fishermen to       Coastal Marine Area
-    Devshree Thanekar, Leiden University
     Indigenous Community, Environment and the Urban Expansions in Mumbai

 2.      Food, Agriculture and Sustainability in Asia (II)
Chairs: Arve Hansen and Jostein Jakobsen

-        Virginie Arantes, Université Libre de Bruxelles
         How people and technology are shaping the future of a more sustainable food system in Shanghai
-       Melanie Ford, Rice University
        Agrarian Energies: Movements and Reflections on Energy in Post 3.11 Japan
-      Jostein Jakobsen, University of Oslo
       Towards a Gramscian food regime analysis of India’s agrarian crisis: counter-movements, petrofarming         and Cheap Nature

 3.      Policies and the Public (I)
Chairs: Mette Halskov Hansen and Anna Ahlers

-        Mark Søndergaard, Danish Institute for International Studies
         What caused the change in Chinas climate change policy?
-        Julia Hall, University of Oslo
         The environmental citizen in Chinese school books
-        Xiuyun Yang, Delft University of Technology
         Understanding environmental and resource conflicts: An analytical model based on mining disputes             in China

 13.00-14.00     Lunch break

14.00-15.30     Parallel sessions III

 1.      Energy in Asia (I)
Chairs: Karina Standal and Edwin Schmitt

-        Hsin-yi Lu, National Taiwan University
         The Contested Oceanscape of Offshore Wind Farm Development in Taiwan
-        Shikha Lakhanpal, Ashoka Trust for Research in Environment and Ecology (ATREE)
         The politics of renewable energy and local livelihoods: Case of a small hydropower project from                   Himachal Pradesh, India
-        Karina Standal, CICERO - Center for International Climate Research Oslo
         Electricity, Equality and Environment: Scales of power in the Village Solar Electrification Project in                 Rural India

2.      Religion, Nature, and Environmental Issues (I): Natural Disasters and Environmentalism
Chair: Aike Rots

-        Giacomo Tabacco, University of Milano-Bicocca
         Rethinking environmental manipulations: Islamic discourses, mines and plantations scaling up, and                 their entanglements in post-disaster West Aceh, Indonesia
-        Lisette Gebhardt, Goethe University
         Argumentations on a post-Fukushima animism: Environmental thought in Japan after 3.11
-        Renske Maria van Dam, KU Leuven
         A beautiful catastrophe: A Japanese approach towards energy in environmental design

3.      Policies and the Public (II)
Chairs: Mette Halskov Hansen and Anna Ahlers

 -        Hedda Flatø, University of Oslo
          Bads versus goods in risk society: Inequality and popular demand for environmental protection in                 China
-        Eva Sternfeld, Technische Universität Berlin
         Nuclear Waste Governance in China: Once through or closed cycle?
-        Åshild Kolås, PRIO
         Green governance, China and the Arctic

15.30-16.00     Coffee break

16.00-17.30     Parallel sessions IV

1.      Energy in Asia (II)
Chairs: Karina Standal and Edwin Schmitt

-        Vidhee Avashia, Indian Institute of Management
         Electricity generation in India: Challenges and Strategies for phasing out coal-based plants
-        Maitreyee Choudhury, University of North Bengal
         India's Hydro-energy Resources in Environmental Perspective
-        Edwin Schmitt, University of Oslo
         Burning Coal in Tangshan: Energy Resources as Commons

2.      Religion, Nature, and Environmental Issues (II): Environmental Change and Religious                     Storytelling
Chair: Aike Rots

-       Aase J. Kvanneid, University of Bergen
        A dance of Shiva - or Climate Change?
-      Sonja Laukkanen, Helsinki University
        Stories of nature and landscape from Meili Mountains
-      Jan Erik Christensen, Independent Scholar
        Confucian Philosophy, Climate Change, and Sustainability

3.      Policies and the Public (III)
Chairs: Mette Halskov Hansen and Anna Ahlers

 -        Ka-ming Wu, Chinese University of Hong Kong
          Living with Waste: Infrastructure of Waste Treatment in Beijing, China
-        Arne Harms, Universität Leipzig
         Floating Gases, Perpetual Stocks: Containing Carbon Dioxide in the Indian Himalayas
-        Iselin Stensdal, Fridtjof Nansen Institute
         New policy, old institutions? Establishing and enforcing Shanghai’s emission-trading scheme pilot

 18.30         Dinner

 Wednesday, 22 November

9.45-11.00        Keynote lecture
Heiner Roetz, Ruhr-Universität Bochum

Light or darkness from the East? Attitudes towards nature in Chinese thought 
Chair: Rune Svarverud

11.00-11.30     Coffee break

11.30-13.00     Parallel sessions V

 1.      Roundtable discussion: Assessing the Energy Access Programme in India: Challenges and             Opportunities
         Moderator: Shilpa Rao, Norwegian Institute of Public Health

-        Kristin Aunan, Center for International Climate Research (CICERO), Oslo
-        Anurag Bhatnagar, Self Employed Women’s Association, Ahmedabad, India
-        Cressida Broadhead, Metamorforses, Oslo
-        Austen Davis, Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation (NORAD)
-        Amit Garg, Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad, India (IIMA)
-        Siddharth Sareen, University of Bergen
-        Tanja Winther, University of Oslo

2.      Religion, Nature, and Environmental Issues (III): Religious Activism and Environmental                 Practices
Chair: Aike Rots

-       Olivia Yun-An Dung, Leiden University
        The Body for Recycling, Recycling for the Body: Volunteering in Tzu-Chi Taiwan
-       Grete Schönebeck, Johann Wolfgang Goethe-Universität Frankfurt am Main
        Green graves: Funeral reform in China
-       Aike Rots, University of Oslo
        A New Song for the Dugong: Religious Activism in Okinawa

3.      Policies and the Public (IV)
Chairs: Mette Halskov Hansen and Anna Ahlers

-        Mette Halskov Hansen, University of Oslo
         Ecological Civilization: A Powerful Global Vision or a Political Flop?
-       Jørgen Delman, University of Copenhagen
        Luring the elephants back? Eco-civilization and the pressure for green urban development in                          Hangzhou
-      Mona Chettri, Aarhus University
        Emerging Environmental Regimes in the Asian Borderlands: Special Economic Zone in the Sikkim                  Himalaya

13.00-14.00     Lunch